Friday, March 12, 2010

Whodunnit? Mysteries for Kids

Sherlock HolmesCalling all kid detectives! Do you enjoy putting together clues to solve mysteries? Are you in 4th through 6th grade? If so, challenge yourself by picking books from our Mysteries booklist:

Some examples include the following:

Calder GameThe Calder Game by Blue Balliet - When seventh-grader Calder Pillay disappears from a remote English village -- along with an Alexander Calder sculpture to which he has felt strangely drawn -- his friends Petra and Tommy fly from Chicago to help his father find him.

Half-Moon Investigations by Erin Coifer - Twleve-year-old private investigator Fletcher Moon, nicknamed "Half Moon" because of his shortness, must track down a conspiracy or be framed for a crime he did not commit.

Chet Gecko Mysteries by Bruce Hale - Follow this elementary school lizard detective while he solves various mysteries.

Canned by Alex Shearer - Fergal Banfield, an eccentric lad who collects cans, is surprised to find some unexpected things in a few of his treasures, and when he meets Charlotte, another collector, they begin an investigation that leads them to danger.

And don't forget the very popular series Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon and Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene! Both come in chapter book and graphic novel formats.

Many of our mysteries are located in our mysteries section in Youth Services, and they have a "mystery" sticker on the spine. Look for the train car on top of the bookshelf! (It's there to represent the series Boxcar Children.)

Are you in 1st or 2nd grade? We have mysteries for you, too!

Cam JansenYoung Cam Jansen (found in our Beginning Reader section) and Cam Jansen Adventure by David A. Adler - Cam, short for "Camera," has a photographic memory that helps her solve lots of mysteries. See if you can figure out the solution before she does.

Jigsaw Jones Mysteries by James Preller - Help Jigsaw Jones, first grade detective, and his friend Mila put together all the puzzle pieces to solve mysteries.

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy - A mystery for every letter of the alphabet!

As always, please ask a Youth Services librarian for more suggestions.

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