Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting a Job with a Great Resume - February 28, 2012

Join this proven workshop to learn about ways to improve your resume so you get the job you want.  The presentation is free for participants thanks to a grant (see below).  It is taught by a professional career coach and will be held Tuesday, February 26, 2012, in the Cedar Room at Central Park Library. 

Let us know you are coming so there will be enough handouts and chairs.  Call (408) 615-2900.

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This project was supported in whole or in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Children's Fantasy Series

So what are fantasy fans reading now that the popular likes of Charlie Bone, Eragon, and Harry Potter have concluded? Here are a few, relatively new series that our readers are currently enjoying:

Emerald Atlas (Stephens)

Orphans Kate, Michael and Emma must discover and master their special talents if they hope to thwart the evil Countess’ plans to steal the all-powerful “Books of Beginnings.”

The Familiars (Epstein)

It is foretold that a magical trio will rescue the kingdom from an insidious traitor; little did Aldwyn (an alley cat), Skylar (a know-it-all blue jay), and Gilbert (an insecure tree frog) realize they are the chosen saviors. A soon-to-be movie.

Lone Wolf (Lasky)

Faolan, a baby wolf abandoned by his pack because of his deformed paw, survives and embarks on a journey that will change the world of the wolves of the Beyond.

Magnificent 12: The Call (Grant)

Soon after the “Pale Queen” escapes from her 3,000-year-old prison, she will take
revenge and destroy the world … unless Mack and eleven other pre-teens team up
and stop her.

Middleworld (Voelkel)

After fourteen year old Max Murphy is summoned to San Xavier, the tiny Central American country where his father grew up, he must discover the connection between his missing parents, a Mayan criminal organization and the Jaguar Stones (five sacred stones which enabled ancient Maya kings to wield the powers of living gods).

Museum of Thieves (Tanner)

Goldie, an impulsive and bold twelve-year-old, flees the oppressive city of Jewel and
takes refuge in the extraordinary Museum of Dunt, an ever-shifting world where she discovers dark secrets that threaten her city and everyone she loves.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting More Out of Twitter - Thursday, February 23, 2012

 You have a Twitter account but don't know what to do next? Join City Web Manager Stuart Grooby for a session on "Getting more out of Twitter."

You will find out how to search, create lists, and if others are influenced by your tweets and more.  

Come to the Technology Center from 10:15 - 11:45 for this outstanding class.  If you have questions or want to sign up, call (408) 615-2900.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meditation class

Join meditation instructor Leah Gronlund on Tuesday, February 28th at 6:30pm in the Cedar Room. Sign up at the reference desk or call 408-615-2900. Walk-ins welcome.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Resume Facts - Free Jobs Class Tuesday, Feb. 28

Join us for a free resume writing workshop on Tuesday, February 28th from 1:00 - 2:30 in the Cedar Room at Central Park Library.  A Career Professional from NOVA, the local job center, will take you through the steps for creating a powerful resume, answering your questions and getting you closer to your goal of finding the job that is right for you.
Sign up in advance by calling (408) 615-2900 or stop by the second floor Reference Desk when you are in the library.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Native Plant Gardening - February 25

Join the Santa Clara Master Gardeners in the Redwood Room at 12:00 noon Saturday, February 25, 2012, for a free presentation on the topic of native plant gardening.

Sign up when you are in the Library or call (408) 615-2900.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

All the President's Books

I've always loved politics. As a kid, I thought the Democratic and Republican conventions made for completely compelling television. (Yes, I was that cool.) I could rattle off cabinet secretaries like some kids could recite baseball stats. As a girl growing up in the 80s, I idolized Elizabeth Dole, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Geraldine Ferraro along with Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Leslie Knope and I would have been BFFs. (Don't know who Leslie Knope is? You're just missing out on the best sitcom currently on TV.)

With these kind of qualifications, I believe I am the perfect candidate (come on - you couldn't resist that pun either) to share with you my favorite president themed books for young readers. With Presidents' Day this month and an election this year, the timing couldn't be more perfect to ignite political aspirations in a new generation of future Commander-in-Chiefs.

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. Jefferson's Sons
Imagine a founding father and a former president being both your master and your father. This impeccably researched work of historical fiction looks at the last years of Thomas Jefferson's life through the eyes of three of his slaves - two of which were his sons by his slave Sally Hemmings. I'd recommend this for mature readers 5th grade and up. Hands down, this was my favorite book of 2011.

Chandra, Deborah. George Washington's Teeth
The 18th century wasn't known for great achievements in dentistry. Using clever rhymes and illustrations, the author teaches readers about our first president's lifelong struggle with bad teeth. This makes a hysterical readaloud for early elementary grades.

Cronin, Doreen. Duck for President
Duck becomes frustrated with Farmer Brown's leadership, and embarks on an auspicious rise in power that takes him all the way to the Oval Office. Preschoolers will giggle at Duck's antics, and adults will appreciate sly references to recounts and saxophone playing presidential candidates.

Smith, Lane. John, Paul, George, and Ben
You say you want a revolution? So did John Hancock, Paul Revere, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. This picture book imagines their lives as young lads before they took on that tiny task of, you know, seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Smith, Lane. Madam President
A little girl imagines what it might be like to be president for a day (in other words, my childhood fantasy.) Like the book's heroine, I think having a Secretary of Pizza and exercising veto power over anything and everything would be pretty awesome.

St. George, Judith. So You Want to be President?
This Caledecott winning book is chock full of fun facts and anecdotes about presidents. For instance, someone once threw a cabbage at William Howard Taft. His response? "I see that one of my adversaries has lost his head."

Want to learn more about presidents? Youth services librarians are just a phone call away at 408-615-2916.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Library E-books for Kindle, Nook, iPad and more

Download free e-books, audio books and music from the Northern California Digital Library with your Santa Clara City Library card.
Join us Sunday, February 12, 2012, from 1:30 - 4:00 in the Redwood Room to learn how to find popular fiction and nonfiction for reading or listening, then download it to your computer or reading device. Bring your e-reader and get hands-on help following the presentation.
Sign up by calling (408) 615-2900 or stop by the Library.
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Tweets Set Record at the Super Bowl

An average of 10,000 tweets were sent per second during the final three minutes of the New York Giant's 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots.  12,233 messages were sent per second during the last-minute touchdown marking the peak of activity!

Don't miss out on the Twitter phenomena.   Join the Twitter for Beginners computer class in the Technology Center on Thursday, February 9th at 10:15.  Stuart Grooby, Web Master for the City will guide you through the basics including signing up and setting up your smart phone.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Learn about Twitter - February 9 10:15-11:45

Learn the basics of Twitter and how to sign up for this popular networking and micro-blogging service.  Have you noticed how it has been used to quickly call people together for social change in the Middle East?

Don't miss out!  Add to your computer literacy skills at this free library class.

The Guest Teacher will be Stuart Grooby, Santa Clara City's Web Master. 

Join us on Thursday, February 9, 2012, from 10:15-11:45 in the Technology Center at Santa Clara's Central Park Library.  Bring your cellphone and he will help you set up your phone for tweets.  Sign up so you are sure to get class materials and a seat.  Call (408) 615-2900 or stop by the Library.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Kids: Get Crafty for Valentines Day!

Have a fun and festive Valentines by creating special Valentines themed crafts and art! Great for gifts and decorations. The following titles will help you get started:
New Crafts for Valentine's Day
All New Crafts for Valentine's Day by Kathy Ross
This book provides instructions on how to make an assortment of Valentine crafts, such as cards, bookmarks, bracelets, Valentine holders, magnets and more!

Hearts & CraftsHearts & Crafts by Sherri Brownrigg
Have a fun Valentines Day by creating something special! This book will teach you how to make a variety of crafts, such as a Heart Picture Frame, Ornament Necklace, Heart Shaped Pocket Purse and much more!

Valentine Things to Make and DoValentine Things to Make and Do by Rebecca Gilpin
Get ready to make a variety of colorful, Valentine-themed crafts and decorations! This book contains simple step by step instructions and also a brief introduction of Valentines Day.
For more recommendations, please see a Youth Services Librarian at your library.
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