Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That's Knot Impressive

Spend enough time in San Francisco and you'll see a lot of bizarre attire. You almost feel bad for these creative costumers. They are trying very, very hard to be kooky or shocking, but there are just so many people already doing the kooky/shocking thing they can't break through the noise.

For example: thousands of drunken and grungy-looking Santas descend on Civic Center Plaza to celebrate "Santarchy" and passerbys yawn. Naked people running marathon races in 45 degree weather don't scandalize the viewer, but they do make them feel sympathetically cold. And seeing someone in a leather vest and no shirt is a helpful reminder that you are on Folsom Street should you be lost.

Yet I found myself shocked (shocked!) at seeing the way someone was dressed Monday. He was wearing a bow-tie. I. KNOW! Weird, right? And it wasn't even being worn with ironic intention. This person was a full on disciple of the Orville Redenbacher school of style. Moreover, he was one of two people wearing them.

I think it should be made perfectly clear that (most) people who wear bow-ties are not old fuddy-duddies who would use the term "fuddy-duddy" in a real-life conversation. They are rebels. Don't shake your head, it's true. Bow-ties went out of fashion a long, long time ago. Here is the short list of people who still think they are cool: James Bond and ridiculously wealthy people who like to be known as "ridiculously wealthy people." That's it. If you are not an international super spy or brushing your teeth with gold paste, you are wearing a bow-tie to make a statement.

And that statement is... to be honest, I don't know. Perhaps it's a tip off to your crazy knot skills. Or maybe antiquarian leanings. Barbershop quartet fan? Collector of public ridicule? Whatever the case is, the bow-tie aficionado is the lone wolf of the neckwear fashion world. And for that, they are twice as kooky and shocking as the kooky/shocking folks wish they themselves were.
posted by jw