Friday, December 17, 2010

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!*

Definition of Family from

No matter what holiday you celebrate, November and December tend to be a popular time for families to get together. While the definition above from suggests that "family" is related by blood or currently live together in the same house, "family" can also mean any close relationship between people. Do you have any holiday traditions with those closest to you?

Here are some suggestions for how to spend time with your loved ones this season:

- Go ice skating at Downtown Ice in San Jose. The rink is open until January 17, 2011, and the hours vary, so check the website for more information.

- Grab some funny props like old hats and fake mustaches and have set up a family photobooth in your house! Hang up a sheet or set up in front of a blank wall, and make some funny faces. Post your pictures on line for the rest of the family and your friends to see.

Grandmas with Mustaches

- Try some new baking recipes. Even little kids can get in on the action of making and decorating sugar cookies for the holidays. Try some of our cookbooks for inspiration.

- Make your own wrapping paper out of recycled materials, such as newspaper or tissue paper. Use an ink pad with washable ink to put your hand prints or other stamps all over the paper.

- Sing traditional holiday songs together. Here are some Christmas music CDs. Here are some Hanukkah CDs. Holiday music not for you? We also have an extensive collection of non-holiday music CDs. Come in and browse our collection located on the first floor.

- Snuggle up and watch some family holiday movies. These ones happen to be about Christmas. OR, if holiday movies aren't for you, then browse our collection of other movies that are good for the whole family. The best place to look is in our Juvenile DVD section on the first floor.

- Do a holiday card swap where everyone has to make his or her own card to give to another family member.

- Have a "White Elephant" gift swap where all gifts must be under $2.

- Instead of one giant meal at one person's house, consider a "progressive dinner," where you might have appetizers at one person's house, then switch to a different house for the main course, and then another person's house for dessert. Bonus points if you can walk between courses.

No matter what you do, have a safe and happy holiday season! The library will be closed from December 24-26 and again from December 31 - January 2.

Posted by ws. *Quote in title by Albert Einstein.