Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Job Search Resources at the Library

There are resources at the library to help with your job search.

Two of these resources are electronic, Brainfuse and Learning Express Library. You can access both of these resources from your home computer via our website or within the library via a library Internet computer or your own laptop. To begin using either of these resources go to our Electronic Resources page and select Brainfuse or Learning Express Library.

Brainfuse's resume lab can assist you in writing your resume. Begin by using their resume templates. Once you have written your resume upload it to Brainfuse. Within twenty-four hours a Brainfuse writing expert will edit your resume and return it to you. If you have questions about your edited resume, you can discuss your questions with a Brainfuse instructor online via their website.

Learning Express Library is another resource which you can use for help with your job search. Learning Express has a Job Search & Workplace Skills Learning Center. This learning center includes online courses for finding job openings, networking, writing a resume, and tips on job interviewing.

At the library you will also find books on job hunting, writing resumes and cover letters, and job interviewing. You will find these under the call number 650.14. An example of one of the books is The Job-hunter's survival guide: How to find hope and rewarding work even when "there are no jobs", published in 2010, by Richard Nelson Bolles. Richard Bolles is the author of the popular book What color is your parachute?.

If you have a question, come to the Reference Desk or call us at 408-615-2900.

Posted by MLG