Monday, December 21, 2009

What device do you use to listen to books?

Some of you who are shopping for gifts have asked us which devices are compatible for using our digital book collection.

The library has a great collection of books to listen to in the CD format. You'll find them on the first floor after the videos and music CDs. You can search for them from home by using the term audiobooks in the Subject field.

We also have downloadable digital books which can be read and listened to on ipods, Mp3players, the Sony Reader and other devices. For more information read about it on the Overdrive Compatible Devices pages.

Find digital books on our website by putting electronic books in the Subject field. You can also find books by going to the Northern California Digital Library website. Santa Clara City Library belongs to this regional group and we share this large pool of downloadable digital and audiobooks for you to use.

If you need help in the download process watch a video found on our Tutorial page. Happy shopping and listening.

posted by mb