Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mango Basic

Are you planning a vacation or business trip overseas? Learn some basic words and phrases of the language of the country you will be visiting with Mango Languages. Mango Languages is a web-based language learning resource available via the Library's website.

You can learn basic Urdu, Mandarin, Spanish, or nineteen other languages with Mango Basic.

To use Mango Languages go to the Library's home page and click on the Research/Resources link. From the pull-down menu select Electronic Resources. On the Electronic Resources page click on the Mango Languages link. Within Mango Languages select Mango Basic.

If you have more time to learn a language and would like to learn more than the basics, try Mango Complete.

If you need assistance, please - call or come to the Reference Desk. Our phone number is 408-615-2900.

Posted by MLG