Monday, September 15, 2014

BookFLIX: where fact and fiction go hand in hand

Did you know that at your fingertips is an online literary resource to help your young child (preK-3rd Grade) discover how the joys of fiction can be paired with fun facts?

BookFLIX has paired award-winning fiction with engaging nonfiction to help students become fluent, confident, and independent readers. The pairing of fiction and nonfiction has been shown to be an effective way to develop critical reading and comprehension skills. Fiction, with its narrative "story" structure, is often more accessible for beginning readers. It can be used to introduce a topic and provide a bridge to the informational text.

Pairing fiction and nonfiction texts enhances readers' comprehension of a particular topic, exposes them to a wider range of vocabulary, and builds background knowledge—and therefore interest.

Categories include: Animals and Nature, ABCs and 123s, People and Places, Adventure, and Music and Rhyme.

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