Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Library Card Discount at Local Shops - Discover Santa Clara

Discover Santa Clara

My experiences using the Discover Santa Clara library card discount have included delicious freshly made ice cream on a hot day, a free phyllo dessert at a lively, friendly, tasty Greek restaurant, free Korean ice cream bars at a local florist (in addition to the beautiful arrangement) and delicious pizza at a friendly, small pizza store.

A few weeks ago on a busy Friday night, three of us visited Athena Grill which offers a 10% off discount.  We were acknowledged immediately and quickly seated in spite of the full crowd.  Our food was very tasty and we were quite full when the owner asked if we wanted the freshly made dessert special.  We declined but he insisted and "bought one for us."  We shared a Galaktoboureko which is semolina custard wrapped in phyllo with lemon zest syrup.  It was light and crispy with an amazing lemon flavor.  Yum!

The next Friday night we tried Gugu's Pizza and Pasta.  Once again the food was wonderful, discounted 10% and the staff was friendly.

With temperatures up last Friday, we headed for Mission City Creamery for freshly made ice cream at a 10% discount.  Business was brisk and it was fun to watch kids and their ice cream.  Ice cream is such a happy food. 

Saturday was my wedding anniversary so I got my pick of the four participating florists.  Not being big planners, we found out that Citti's (offering a 15% off discount) was closed at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday but we just went up Scott Blvd. to Fuji's Florist  at 1900 Warburton Ave.  Fuji's offers a 10% discount.  Flowers were ordered but it was too hot to walk around the area while we waited.  When I got impatient and went back inside the salesman was having a Korean ice cream bar and he offered them to us. 
We had Korean honey dew melon flavored treats on that hot afternoon!  Local businesses can provide these positive impromptu experiences that you can't get in a big chain stores.  Getting the discounts and specials is nice but being introduced to some truly special local businesses is even better. 

If you haven't taken your library card and visited one of our 30+ participating small businesses, you are missing out.  It will all end July 31st so don't wait.  Tell us about your experiences.

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