Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mayor Dedicates DC Quick Charging Station At Central Park Library

Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews dedicates the electric vehicle charging station by cutting a gas hose.  Assisting are Vice Mayor Pat Kolstad, Howard Clearfield Co-Founder of the San Francisco Bay LEAFs and City Council Member Teresa O'Neill.

       A Tesla S, Mitsubishi RAV4, Ford Fusion, two iMEVs, and dozens of Nissan LEAFs were on display for the public at the Library's tail gate party Saturday, May 11.  
       "We are living the future," one electric vehicle owner told me.  Another told me she has owned her Nissan LEAF for only a month but is delighted not to have to pump gas anymore. 
       After the dedication, the San Francisco Bay LEAFs listened to Karen Scholnick from Bay Area Air Quality Management District tell about their projects and plans for electric vehicle infrastructure.  Paul Carreon of PG&E and Larry Owens of Silicon Valley Power explained rate options for charging electric cars.  The group announced the Family and Friends discount for purchasing and leasing Nissan LEAFs.  Join the San Francisco Bay LEAFs and take advantage of the discount.  An Android app that will report the condition of each cell in your car's battery was announced. 

Mary Boyle
Librarian Central Park Library