Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kids: Celebrate National Gardening Month! (Part 1)

April is National Gardening Month! Help your child discover the fun activity of gardening! Here are some recommended gardening story books to get your child excited about gardening:

Gardening Stories

My GardenMy Garden by Kevin Henkes
Imagine how fun it would be to be in a magical garden where jelly beans would grow on bushes and flowers that would change colors and patterns by just thinking of them! Read this book to learn more about this beautiful garden that a creative girl is envisioning.

The Curious Garden
The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
One day, Liam discovers a dying garden and decides to nurture it back to life by taking care of it. As Liam continues to care for the garden, it grows and transforms a barren city into a beautiful, lush place!

In The Garden: Who's Been Here?
In The Garden: Who's Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George
Christina and Jeremy discovered that someone has eaten some of the vegetables that they have grown in their garden. Join Christina and Jeremy as they investigate to find out who did this in this mysterious story.

Zinnia's Flower Garden
Zinnia's Flower Garden by Monica Wellington
Spring has arrived and Zinnia decides to plant flowers in her garden. Throughout this book, watch her take care of her garden by watering her plants, weeding and waiting for them to sprout! Be inspired to plant something in your garden by reading this book!

For more recommendations, please see a Youth Services Librarian at your library.
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