Monday, March 26, 2012

Checkout A Chromebook

Santa Clara City Library now has Chromebooks available to patrons for In Library Checkout.

Checkout a Chromebook and use Google’s Chrome OS to browse the Web. Login as Guest or use your Google account. If you use your Google account, you can personalize your profile with your favorite apps or bookmarks. Next time you log in to any Chromebook with your Google account, your settings, bookmarks and apps will be there. Go to to view all the apps available.

Chromebook Lending Guidelines are:

2 hour in-library checkout. Chromebook checkout is limited to one per person per day.
$15.00 per hour overdue fee with a $30.00 maximum overdue fee.
A fee of $500.00 will be charged for Chromebooks that are lost, stolen, or not returned within 24hrs.
Chromebooks must be returned to the Central Park Library Circulation Desk complete with bag, power supply cord, and mouse.Stop by the Technology Center for Chromebook questions and the Circulation Desk for checkout.