Friday, September 30, 2011

Smiles with Snacks

The first major test of the school year is tomorrow. Pencils sharpened – check. Plenty of scratch paper – check. Your math workbook with practice problems – check. Fully-charged iPod – check. You furrow your brow and begin to focus. Suddenly… your nostrils involuntarily flare and sniff … a deep grumble escapes your belly … your eyes smile … as the aroma of chocolate and vanilla wafts through your room. With glee, you hurtle downstairs towards homemade morsels of warm, sweet, gooey goodness!

But what if you’re bored with the usual cookie treats like chocolate chip, oatmeal and snicker-doodles?

Answer: you can borrow cookbooks from the Library and help your mom and/or dad test a few spectacular, scrumptious recipes.

For example, you might try baking mini raspberry sandwich cakes from page 32 of the “Kids’ Baking: 60 Delicious Recipes for Children To Make” cookbook.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a Halloween treat, you may opt for the “Jack-o’-Lanterns” featured on page 84 of the “Cheerios Cookbook.”

If you’re really adventurous, perhaps making “marbles” (page 36), “grasshoppers”
(page 67) or “bulls-eyes” (page 86) from the “Greatest Cookies Ever” cookbook might
be your cup of tea.

So have fun and kindle your culinary imagination by “shopping” in the children’s cookbook section. Perhaps you can even brighten the holidays of your family and friends with mouth-watering creations.
~ ac