Monday, June 20, 2011

More Free Electronic Books

Did you know that the Library offers free electronic books? On a previous post some of the subscription electronic books were listed.

The Library also participates in the Northern California Digital Library's collection of electronic books. This collection allows you to download electronic books to a computer as well as audio books to MP3 players and many other devices, including smart phones. To find out which devices will work follow this link. To learn how to borrow items, try the Guided Tour videos or just follow the prompts on MyHelp!

There are also free electronic books on other websites. Try these:
Google's eBookstore
Go to the bottom of the page and visit Best of the Free
Internet Archives
Follow the link for Texts and you will enter the Ebook and Texts Archive of 2,852,884 items
Open Library
Try the Lending Library Sampler or Return Cart
Online Books from the University of Pennsylvania
Look at Prize Winning Books or Banned Books

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