Friday, April 29, 2011

Attention! Graduates of the Easy Reader Collection, you get a GOLD STAR!

Parents often ask, “After my child is done with the Easy Readers, what books should he/she read next?” As a librarian, it is very unsatisfying to tell people to look through the entire Juvenile Fiction area and look for “the thinner books.” So, we’ve done the work for you! We’ve pulled the easier chapter books out and put them in a collection of their own.

This new collection, “Easy Chapters,” is shelved on the opposite side of the Easy Reader Collection, at the end of Juvenile Fiction. Each book has a gold star at the top of the spine. These books have been designated as Easy Chapters using a system called the Lexile Framework for Reading (see Each book in this collection is typically 100 pages or less, and has a Lexile number of up to about 700 (approximate 3rd grade reading level).

If you look inside the front cover of each book, there will be a Lexile number. Based on the chart below, you can determine which range of numbers may best suit your child, and which ones may be too difficult.

Grade 1 up to L300
Grade 2 L140 to 500L
Grade 3 L 330 to L700

As you know, each child’s reading level is different. The numbers are just a guideline, so do not use the numbers as a basis for what your child should be reading. The Lexile numbers reflect the text difficulty only, not the content of the book. So, for example, you may not want your 1st grader to be reading a book with a Lexile of 700 because he/she will not be able to understand the content even though they can read the words. Always take into consideration the age and interests of the child. Lexile numbers are a good starting point for figuring out which books to read next, but always consider your child’s actual reading skills and go from there.

Some of your favorites are here: Flat Stanley & Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures (Brown, Greenhut, Pennypacker), My Weird School (Gutman), Magic Tree House (Osborne), Junie B. Jones (Park), Jake Maddox Sports (Maddox), and Rotten School (Stine).

Librarians are always here to help you select appropriate books for your child. Please ask us if you have any questions.

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