Friday, January 21, 2011

Get SPORTY in 2011!

Toss out your formal New Years' Resolutions and instead make it a point to turn off the TV and get active. Have fun! Play fetch with your dog, go for a walk, join a team sport. The point is to get moving.

"Get SPORTY" is the theme of the January "On the Path to Good Health" exhibit in Youth Services. To celebrate sports and activities, we've put a selection of our sports and activities books on display in the Youth Services area.

Santa Clara is home to many youth sports leagues, such as swimming, soccer, and baseball and softball. The Santa Clara Police Activities League (PAL) offers BMX biking, boxing, judo, bowling, and golf, among other activities. You can find more information about PAL online. Santa Clara City Parks and Recreation Department partners with several local institutions to provide group activities. A complete list of classes can be found in the PDF version of the Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Winter/Spring 2010 Recreation Activities Guide. There's also an interactive version.

If being active is one of your New Year's resolutions, check out these resources, as well as our "On the Path to Good Health" display, which is supported by Kaiser Permanente and the Library Foundation and Friends.

Posted by ws (Dog with tennis ball found here. Dog with frisbee found here. Cat with baseball found here.)