Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have a Spooktacularly Safe Halloween*

It's the end of October, and you already know what that means....Halloween! And you know what Halloween often means to kids across the country....Trick-or-Treating!

There are so many great and fun things about Halloween: costumes, haunted houses, all sorts of candy, parties, etc. It's also a time of year to remember that safety comes first.

Here are some tips from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (modified a little by me) about how to have a safe and happy Halloween:

1. Safety comes first. While your costume might be awesome without accessorizing with extra glow-in-the-dark tape or glow sticks, add some on so that people in passing cars can see you.

2. Look both ways before crossing the street. Be sure to hold hands with younger kids so that they cross the street safely, too.

3. Trick-or-Treat in groups and be sure that everyone knows where you are so that you stick together.

4. You have a cool mask, right? Be sure you can see clearly when wearing the mask. This will help prevent you from tripping!

5. Oh, and your really long superhero/witch/wizard cloak or cape? Consider getting it shortened because you don't want to trip on that either.

6. With a trusted adult, take a close look at your trick-or-treat loot before taking a bite. Be sure that none of the wrappers are open -- this way you know they're safe to eat.

7. Be sure you are supervised by an adult when carving out your Jack-o-Lantern masterpiece. And use a flashlight instead of a candle to light up your pumpkin.

8. If you expect to receive trick-or-treaters, be sure your house and all paths leading to your front door are clear and well-lit.

Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for more safety tips or ask a Youth Services Librarian for help finding other resources.

Posted by ws. Jack-o-Lantern [source].*I had to use "spooktacular" somehow!