Friday, September 17, 2010

Drop the Remote!

Electronics collageWhat's that in your hand? It has buttons with numbers and a power button at the top. That's right! It's your TV remote. Now, push the power button so your TV turns off. Well done! Oh, and your laptop, desktop computer, video game device, iPod touch, iPad? Turn those off, too.

RemoteCongratulations, you just turned off your electronic entertainment devices to participate in Turnoff Week, which is from September 19-25th!

Turnoff Week (or Digital Detox Week) was created in 1994 by Center for SCREEN-TIME Awareness and other organizations to encourage people to be selective about their media, have an active lifestyle, and participate in the community.

So, how do you sever your relationship with digital devices for a whole week? Here are some pointers:
  • Think before you push. Before turning on a device, take 60 seconds to think about your relationship with the device and why you feel the need to use it. What is the appeal? What could you do with your time instead?
  • Think of your friends. Invite them for a walk. Go window shopping. Cook and eat a meal together. Go on a hike. Go on a bike ride. Go camping. Go bowling. Make some jewelry. Be creative!
  • If TV is a high priority for you, let your DVR record the season premiere of Glee or Survivor for you to watch later. Your show will still be there next week if you decide to turn your TV on again after Turnoff Week.
  • Limit email checking to once or twice a day. If concerned, set up an auto-reply to let your friends and family know you're participating in Turnoff Week. Include a link to more information about the initiative. Maybe they'll decide to participate, too!
  • Write! Have you always wanted to write a novel? How about a travel memoir? Cookbook? Grab a notebook and pen and start writing.
Need more ideas for how to limit your digital consumption during Turnoff Week? Visit the Youth Services desk and ask a Librarian!

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