Friday, July 30, 2010

I Want to Be a ___ When I Grow Up

Thought bubble with ballet slippers, policeman, and astronaut
Ever wonder what it might be like to be any of the professions that children say they want to be? Explore our resources to get the inside scoop on the following popular career choices. Titles marked with an * can be found in our Young Adult or Adult sections:

Acting A to Z*Acting A to Z: The Young Person's Guide to a Stage or Screen Career by Katherine Mayfield

Break a Leg!: The Kids' Book of Acting and Stagecraft by Lise Friedman

Cool Scripts & Acting: How to Stage Your Very Own Show by Karen Latchana Kenney

Kids Take the Stage: Helping Young People Discover the Creative Outlet of Theater by Lenka Peterson

*Opportunities in Acting Careers by Dick Moore
All about Astronauts by Miriam Gross

Astronauts at Work by Deborah A. Shearer

What Do Astronauts Do? by Carmen Bredeson
Ballet SchoolThe Ballet Book: The Young Performer's Guide to Classical Dance by Debra Bowes

*The Ballet Companion: A Dancer's Guide to the Technique, Traditions, and Joys of Ballet by Eliza Gaynor Minden

Ballet School by Naia Bray-Moffatt

*The Pointe Book: Shoes, Training & Technique by Janice Barringer

The Young Dancer by Darcey Bussell
*Becoming a Doctor: From Student to Specialist: Doctor-Writers Share their Experience by Lee Gutkind

*On Becoming a Doctor: Everything You Need to Know about Medical School, Residency, Specialization, and Practice by Tania Heller

What Does a Doctor Do? by Felicia Lowenstein
What Does a Firefighter Do?*Becoming a Firefighter by LearningExpress

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter by Linda Hayward

Firefighter by Philip Abraham

Firefighter by John Riddle

What Does a Firefighter Do? by Erin Schmidt
Police Officer
*Career Opportunities in Law Enforcement, Security, and Protective Services by Susan Echaore-McDavid

Police Officers by Charnan Simon

What Does a Police Officer Do? by Felicia Lowenstein
TeachersTeachers by Melanie Mitchell

*The Truth about Teaching: What I Wish the Veterans Had Told Me by Coleen Armstrong

*U.S. News & World Report Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Teacher by Ben Wildavsky

What Does a Teacher Do? by Felicia Lowenstein
A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian by Mary Bowman-Kruhm

Pets at the Vet by Alyse Sweeney

Veterinarian by John Riddle
As always, please visit the Youth Services desk and ask a librarian if you want help finding books or resources about certain careers!

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