Friday, February 19, 2010

I Want To Learn About...Everything!

Does the new reader in your family have a desire to learn everything possible about puppies? Baseball? Trucks? Volcanoes? Amelia Earhart? Unlike our Easy Reader collection of fiction books located under the large "Cat in the Hat" character, our nonfiction (aka "true books") are mixed into the rest of the Juvenile Nonfiction collection and are categorized by subject. Each subject is assigned a special Dewey Decimal Number.

The best way to find one appropriate for your new reader is as follows:
  • Pick a topic of interest.
  • Either search the catalog for that topic to get the number of the section or ask a Librarian for help.
  • Once in the right section, scan the shelf and look at the bottom edge of each book's spine (that's the side of the book that has the title printed sideways).
You are looking for books with one of four different colored labels: blue, green, yellow, or red.

If you see a book with a blue label, it means that the book is generally appropriate for those just beginning to read. The words and sentences are short to give them a good reading foundation. For an example of a "blue" book about puppies, try the book called Puppies by Kelly Doudna.

If you see a book with a green label, it is meant for a child who is ready for two-syllable words and short stories. An example of a "green" book about puppies is Puppies by Alice Twine.

The books with a yellow label are for more practiced readers who are ready for short chapters. For a "yellow" book about puppies, try Puppy, a DK "Watch Me Grow" book.

Finally, the books with a red label are the most sophisticated of the Easy Readers. They contain concepts and words for those who are just about ready to read longer chapter books. An example of a "red" book about dogs is Dogs by Kathryn Stevens.

If you want more Easy Reader nonfiction book suggestions about a certain topic, please remember that the Youth Services Librarians are always here to help. Just ask.

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