Monday, October 26, 2009

Find that video!

The number of adults watching videos from videosharing sites has nearly doubled since 2006. Fully 62% of adult internet users have watched video on these sites, up from just 33% who reported this in December 2006.

19% of all internet users use video-sharing sites to watch on a typical day. In comparison, just 8% of internet users reported use of the sites on a typical day in 2006.

Read more from the actual Pew Internet study:The Audience for Online Video Sharing Sites Shoots Up.

Okay, so how do you find what you want to watch? Of course, you know about YouTube for finding videos. The Librarian in Black recommends that we try VideoSurf, a metasearch for video that looks at videos on Hulu, CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, and MetaCafe. It’s got a nice suggest-as-you-type feature, and the search results are quite good. Here is a sample search results page for a search for the recent FX show, “Sons of Anarchy.“ The site offers great sorting options, “quick refining,” faceted searching, results embedding, permalinks, a Save Search/Alert feature, and a lot more. They offer a Firefox extension, APIs, and more tools, too."

posted by mb