Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What All the Hubbub is About

If you just happen to stop in the library this weekend without realizing that the Art and Wine Festival is taking place in Central Park, you should be aware of a few things:

1) There will be a lack of parking. Granted, I hear some of you grumbling, "and this is different how?" Oh, it will be different. Trust me. That time you were upset because it took an extra minute or two to find a parking space? You'll look back at that moment longingly. Walking, biking, or parachuting in are probably your best options. Don't say you weren't warned.

2) Due to our close proximity to "food alley," we will be delightfully hickory scented. If you come in hungry, don't be surprised if the invisible tendrils of savory goodness drifting in through the vents lift you off your feet and carry you out the back door like a cartoon character. No joke. Happened to me last year. One minute I'm checking out books. Next thing I know, I'm by the pond in Central Park tucking into a tri-tip sandwich.

3) Even though there is a plethora of excellent food and drink just outside our doors, we are still sticklers about our no food and drink rules once you pass into them. Sorry to be the spoilsports, but have you ever tried to get wine stains out of a carpet? It's absolute murder.

4) There may be lines of people waiting to stand near the air conditioning vents. It's suppose to get pretty hot this weekend, so a lot of people will be coming in to escape the heat for a while. If you are one of those folks seeking asylum from the sun, welcome to our 72(ish) degree oasis! Find a book and relax for a while. Also, please refer to #3. Thanks.

Yes, a quick trip to the library may be a bit more complicated this weekend. But with the Art and Wine Festival going on, why would you just make a quick trip? Right behind us will be great food, art, and music. So do what you need here and then head out back and enjoy the festival.