Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DAR American History Essay Contest 2009

Students, time to immerse yourselves in American history and write your best essay. The DAR American History Essay Contest begins in August with essays due in November for submission nationally by December.

This year's topic, open to students in grades 5-8, is the first transcontinental railroad. Students are asked to write "thoughtful letters reflecting their participation in building the railroad and their unique feelings as the golden spikes were driven."

Students in grades, 9-12 can enter by writing about Christopher Columbus' early influences and experiences. For more information, contact the Los Gatos DAR Chapter.

Try these books and remember if they are checked out, click on the Link+ button and see if a copy can be sent from another library, at no cost to you. As always, if you need help, ask our friendly library staff.

Nothing like it in the world: the men who built the transcontinental railroad, 1863-1869 by Stephen E. Ambrose
Empire Express: building the first transcontinental railroad by David Haward Bain

For younger students, check the Youth Services section on the 1st floor, library staff have set aside some great books for your research.

Mary Hanel, our local history librarian recommends finding books with these subjects:

The golden spike in this image is from the California State Railroad Museum. It is a replica of the "lost golden spike" and can be viewed at the museum in Sacramento where it is permanently on display. Locally, visit the South Bay Railroad Museum.

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