Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby, I'm on Fire... No, Literally I'm On Fire!

Last year I went up to the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco with my father. We were just chatting away in line when a fireball (and subsequent shockwave) shot out from an old-fashioned firetruck parked down the road from us. I was probably a football field away, but the heat was intense (and welcome considering the cold morning). We both looked at each other, massive grins on our faces, and ran over to the firetruck like school children towards a swingset.

This was my introduction to Oakland's Crucible. The group, outside of their public pyrotechnic performances, holds classes that teach adults and kids various skills which involve fire to some degree or another (ie. blacksmithing, welding, glass blowing, etc.) And once a year they have a multi-day party showcasing the more spectacular side of what they do. That party starts tonight.

I could list a lot of what they have going on, but it would probably be easier to just say a noun or verb and add "with fire." Such as dance... with fire, opera (based on a children's book)... with fire, or snail car... with fire (seriously). Yes, some of this is pure novelty, but the attempt is to get people drawn into the skill and craft behind the amusement factor.

Under normal circumstances, playing with fire generally ends poorly. But watching professionals do it? That sounds like a pretty hot idea (ba dum cha! Groan).
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