Thursday, April 16, 2009

The People's University

In these tough times, the smartest card in your wallet is a library card. Benyam Alemayehu knows this for a fact. Benyam grew up in Ethiopia and enjoyed drawing as a child. He came to the United States from Africa in February 2005.

This 24 year old artist can often be found diligently working on his sketches at the Central Park and Mission libraries. He has never taken any classes to learn how to draw; he is self-taught! He checks out books from the library to learn more about drawing and to find good photographs to use for his sketches. It usually takes Benyam about one to two hours to complete a sketch. He draws with pencil, pen, charcoal and markers. He uses a regular ball point pen for many of his sketches. Visit the Mission Library to see some of Benyam's sketches on display!

What will the library inspire you to learn?